Unified communications brings your people together

IT & telecoms are no longer separate technologies. Unified communications merges Audio & Video conferencing, instant messaging and voice. Microsoft Teams builds on this by adding document collaboration, file sharing and the integration of third party applications.

Making it simple

Most peoples daily work tasks can now be carried out with a single interface allowing teams to come together like never before. Our incredible and unique integration allows you to complete the picture by adding the features of an enterprise grade telephone system to the Microsoft Teams platform.


Flexible Solution

We believe that everyone can benefit from unified communications but understand that some users might not be ready to embrace the revolution, you might also have a conventional phone system or VOIP platform that you want to run alongside your new UC environment. Our unique solution can help, we can route calls to any type of client even if they are on your existing system.


So much time is wasted trying to reach people,  often to ask a simple question. With presence information you can instantly see who’s available, on the phone or out of office. Presence information can be manually set or more commonly come from your Microsoft Outlook status. Our PBX integration also shows if team members are in a call too.

Agile Working

Home working is becoming more common and flexible working is a huge attraction to find and keep the best team members. With the Teams mobile app your people are part of the corporate telephone network wherever they are, route calls to people as if they we’re in the office.

Call Queues, Routing & Ring Groups

If you’re in a call centre environment you might want calls to reach different groups of people based on a number of options:

  • Ring All – Rings everyone in a group.
  • Hunt – Calls are given to team members in order of priority until someone answers
  • Last Busy – Calls will be delivered to the team member that’s been
    free longest.
  • Random – Calls a distributed at random to a group of people.

Direct Dial & Single Number Reach

Every team member has a unique telephone number and calls can be delivered to your computer or the Teams mobile app. Users can give out a single number that gets to them wherever they are, this also means that you no longer need to give out mobile numbers so all communications are channelled through the corporate telephone platform.


A basic feature that’s taken for granted its important that its made as simple as possible, our system delivers voicemails as WAV files directly to your email inbox so you can listen, forward or preserve the message.

Our Added Value

Call Attendant

Answer calls and greet callers
automatically and announce call recording

Time-based Routing

Deliver calls to team members based on their time zone or the time of day

Ring Groups

Deliver calls to large numbers of users simultaneously, based on skill or on a ‘last active’ basis

Hunt Groups

Deliver calls to people in sequence based on availability

Call Recording

Record all calls automatically

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Get answers to questions fast instead of waiting for emails