We offer a range of ancillary services for all budgets and requirements

Looking for traditional VOIP? Need business grade internet connectivity? We can help!

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Leased Lines & Connectivity


Traditional VOIP

Leased Lines & Connectivity

Your businesses connection to the internet is more important than its ever been. The best companies are switching on to the fact that keeping the internet on is almost as important as keeping the water on. We can provide connectivity for all budgets and requirements.

Leased Lines

The cream of the crop in terms of connectivity Leased Lines are dedicated uncontended fibre connections delivered directly into your business. The circuits can accomodate speeds from 2Mb to 20Gigabits allowing you to chose a price and speed that suits you. Most services carry a service level agreement and promise uptimes of 99.9

FFTC (Broadband)

Similar to the broadband you have at home but with less contention FTTC can deliver fast downloads for a cost effective monthly amount. Upload speeds are limited so if you’re sending lots of data this might now be the best solution.


4G and the recently announced 5G connections are now a real alternative to fixed line. You can get up and running quickly and they can be an excellent backup and failover option.


If you business has multiple locations and you want a secure private network MPLS can help. It’s a private connection over the internet allowing your remote offices to be part of the same network as head office. 


Our solutions cater for a diverse range of handsets and headsets depending on your role or preference. We tend to recommend headsets which allow for maximum flexibility. If you have a portable device along with a laptop you can take the phone system wherever you go.

We also offer support for more traditional desk based handsets whilst advanced users might want to spend a little extra for the emerging video and voice conferencing kits which allow for a more personal experience. Whatever your requirements, our system supports a wide range of solutions to bring teams together.


If you’re not ready to make the move to unified communications but need a fantastic feature rich phone system our traditional VOIP solution might be a good middle ground. Our cloud based telephony platform provides all the features of a market leading on premises phone system without any of the capital expenditure.